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Why a pet sitter?  

Because it is best for your pet.
   Being at home while you are away is less stressful than a kennel for your dog or cat; they have less exposure to illness or parasites; they are more comfortable, no cages, no barking; and they get better play and exercise time.

Because it is best for you.
You don’t have to transport your pets; you have peace of mind and no guilt because you have provided for them the best way possible in your absence; you have added home security; and it is less expensive (especially if you have multiple pets) because there are no extra charges for walks or playtime or treats or medicating.

 Gail Buzby & “Gracie”
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  Call us:   (828) 779-1086       
Mailing address:  238 Childs Drive  Hendersonville, NC 28791


                          We know how important this is to you!
                                                   Feedback from our clients (references available):

"Gracious, thorough, considerate, professional, efficient, and kind"...Charlotte W.
"My bulldog Reggie is over 10 years old--now that Gail is pet sitting, I'll never board him again."  ...Don D.
"I know how much Gail loves Gracie and her kitties, so I knew she would take wonderful care of Porter."  ...Andie Y.
"A perfect cat sitter" ...Linda H.
"Perfect! Couldn't have asked for more!...thorough, diligent, concerned...very alert to potential health and security issues" ...Angie B.
"Wonderful! Such a great feeling for Mom to have a full day away and not worry.  We give you an A+++." ...Carla S.
"I knew that Josie was in great hands so I could enjoy the day. Loved the detailed report--made me feel I was a part of her day, too." ...Jane F.
"We knew from the initial "get to know" meeting that our pets would be under the care of another true animal lover who was not only compassionate but extremely competent. We left for vacation without any worries about how Max and Cooper would do because we knew they'd do great! Gail is very professional and thorough. We loved the progress reports and how she made sure each of our dogs got the attention they needed. We are so happy to have Gail here to take care of our dogs when we go away. I wouldn't trust our babes with anyone but her." ...Jill M.
"You did an awesome job! The dogs were happy and well taken care of! We will use you again soon." ...Shawna K.
"I appreciate the care and special attention you gave my pets, especially "Done That" [14 yr old clumber spaniel]." ...Sherry S. 
"We would have had to return from our 50th wedding anniversary reunion had it not been for Gail's skill and expertise--she took our ailing cat to the vet and brought him home, cared for him until our return.  Thank you so much, Gail."  ...
Denny G.
"First time around felt like we all knew each other forever!  Easy, comfortable, comforting.  Cloning Gail & Gracie might be helpful so that they're always available!" ...Kathy W.
"We had a wonderful experience with Gail. She is so thorough and takes great pride in her work. It is obvious she loves animals! We look forward to working with Gail again."  ...Cindy M.

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